About us

Masters of Merch - The Online Shop!

Masters of Merch - so far known as a unique producer of merchandise fashion, is now also represented in the online shop world. 
Various brands find their home here on a new platform.
Got an insane product but no time to handle all of the logistics? Then you've come to the right place!
The Masters of Merch fulfillment center is growing daily, and we are here to help you and your brand succeed.
The organization and handling of merchandise sales as well as appearances at events, festivals or fairs can also be handled by Masters of Merch.

Customers like Camo and Krooked, Sick Series and Masters of Dirt have trusted us for years.
If you want your product to be handled with nothing but love and care, then you're merely a click away from the kind of assistance you've always dreamed of.


“The success of our merchandising was overwhelming, even for us. I’m convinced we are able to deliver nothing less than the highest quality garments. We ensure that our products are sustainable and choose to only work with long-term partners that fit our high-quality requirements. The development of merchandise plans, production, packaging
and logistics make up our day-to-day business!”
Georgie Fechter (CEO)